About Aviatix

Having a combined RC modelling experience exceeding a 100 years, we have experienced our fair share of reliability issues over the years. Thanks to the advances made with 2,4 GHz technology and electric power, the building blocks are finally there to have RC models with the same reliability and ease of use we all got used to from the modern automobile and full size planes.


RC planes used to be only basic kits and parts made by different suppliers and every modeler had to figure out what combination could work for his needs and then had to figure ways out of bringing it all together.


At Aviatix we are designing and building quality planes as complete units with custom made retracts, parts,servos and even the servo wiring is all incorporated and designed as integrated parts of the plane. The result is a lighter, quality and reliable plane you can fly as much as you can get to the flying field.


Life is too short to waste your time trying to make the bad quality planes and products being offered by manufacturers who all claim to be the world’s number one factory  “because more better factory and more better materials of production painting many planes many days” Fact is, they often take shortcuts and do not use the best materials and designs in their products needed to make a lightweight quality plane.


We approach model airplane building with the same enthusiasm and technology as we would have done building full size planes so you can have the fun of flying a well designed reliable model plane.