Learjet 35 Turbine version


Wingspan: 78″ / 1990mm

Length: 96″ / 2450 mm

Weight: 19Lbs / 9 800g * will vary depending on turbine choice

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Product Description

The Learjet is an iconic plane that made history as the era of Private business jets started in the early 70’s.

We have modeled the Aviatix L35 as accurate as possible, even the landing gear which is reliable and perfectly scale and includes electric brakes on all 4 wheels.

Lots of other functions like lights and cockpit/cabin scale detail are also included with scale realism that will impress everyone at the field.

Just like the real machine the Aviatix L35 fly like a dream and will handle like a jet should – straight and precise. When it’s time for landing she slows right down in landing configuration with the flaps and Gear down and is easy to land.

All the parts remove with ease, and our new version also split the fuselage, so getting her to the field is also easy since the parts fit in any Hatchback or midsize vehicles despite her decent size of 96″ size when assembled.



The impressive 96″ fuselage becomes quite managable once the Engine nacelles and the tail is removed and splits between the engine nacelles. The complete assembly operation only needs the Engine nacelles to be inserted, the wing to be inserted and 7 screws to be fastened. Then slide the tip tanks in and fasten their screws and turn the plane around and fasten the stabilizer with 2 screws. Total assembly time will take 5 minutes and need a Balldriver and is real easy to do.



The wings are amazingly light and strong and have beautifully integrated flaps and Ailerons as can be expected from a quality plane. They split and slide in/out in the middle and is then bolted to the fuselage using 2 X M4 bolts. Connecting the wings automatically connects MPX connectors containing all the ailerons and flap signals and power connections.

Scale Detail

The Learjet is packed with scale features that really make her stand out like a scale lighting system including landing lights. All around scale panel lines and rivets is just the beginning. The Learjet is perfect stand off scale and will turn heads just like the real one do!





Cockpit & Cabin

Once you look inside you will find a perfect scale Cockpit and Cabin. All nicely accessible via the powered door! Underneath the front steps you will find the battery plugs.We also have a brand new interior in the new version that is even more scale than our first version was










Engine  Power

You now have the choice of either Turbine power or EDF power. This is the Turbine version and although many of the parts are the same for the EDF and Turbine Learjet, the Engine nacelles and front fuselage are different.


For this Learjet version you will need 5-7kg turbines and we partner with Kingtech here in the USA who makes the perfect K55-K75 range of turbines which will slide right in. One turbine will keep the plane airborne while the other one restart should you ever experience a flame out, so you will have ample redundancy on a turbine version. You never can have too much power so having a K75 in there provides enough power to climb on one motor. The turbine version comes with a main fuel tank that is located on the plane CG and has a gallon capacity which would provide nice and longer flight times of 12-15 minutes


Want the best of both worlds? Also possible since only the engine nacelles and front fuselage are different in their internal designs and thus you can have both an Turbine or EDF version by just purchasing those 3 extra components (Front Fuselage, 2x Engine nacelles) that allows you to fly your Learjet as either EDF or Turbine.

Landing gear

The landing gear is scale with even the wheel diameter and rim design being exact scale to the fullsize Learjet. Suspension is matched to the weight and you will be surprised with the amazing scale operation and integration of the electric gear and servo controlled geardoors. No airleaks here! The Down and Locked DL550 unit takes care of all the geardoor sequencing and will only close the geardoors after the wheels are properly retracted. Only the gear channel is needed for this operation and the DL550 eliminates the need for an extra channel to operate the nose steering and will center and switch the nose steering off when the gear is retracted. The customized gear profile is already pre installed when you add the Gear package.




You will be delighted with the new Down and Locked Electric brakes fitted to all four main wheels of the Learjet. Have you ever had a failure from your car brakes? These electric brakes use the same concept and is servo operated ensuring lovely proportional brake resolution.



She has a full lighting system that will enable you to use the good weather at sunset all the way. Nav lights and landing lights  that will really light your plane up, yet still looks scale. Learjet also come with the scale landing lights inside the tiptank Nacelles just like the real one.



In Radio Combo and RTF versions, The Learjet is packed with the latest and best technology servos. Critical flight systems like Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder are all done by High speed Digital Coreless servos with Titanium or Metal gears with ample power. 9Kg on the elevator, 9kg on the Ailerons and 4Kg on Rudder to give you precise and solid control and makes 3-Axis Gyro install easy and possible.

Flaps are operated with 11Kg metal gear Analog servos and the gear doors, nose steering and other functions are all combination of digital or analog servos with appropriate power ranging from 3,5Kg-1,5Kg each.  In total the servo package adds all 13 servos at a bargain price.

  • Custom color Order Option add 10% to the ARF basic kit price and give you the option to email pictures of a full sized plane which you would like to have your custom Learjet paint scheme modelled on.

Learjet 35 - General Specifications

Aviatix EDF Aviatix Turbine
Crew1 RC Pilot - Intermediate-advanced flying skills 1 RC Pilot - Intermediate-advanced flying skills
Length96" / 2,45m96" / 2,45m
Wingspan78" / 1,99m78" / 1,99m
Height22" / 0,562m22" / 0,562m
Wing Area
Aspect Ratio5.74:15.74:1
Empty Weight19lb (9kg)19lb (9kg)
Max takeoff weight28lb (13kg)37lb (17kg)
Fuel Capacity4 x 6S Lipo 5000mAh 1.3 Gal / 5 litre
Powerplant2 x 105mm 12 Blade EDF2 x 5-7Kg Turbines

Learjet 35 - Performance

Fullsize Aviatix EDF Aviatix Turbine
Maximum Speed
471 knots (542 mph,872 km/h)
Cruise Speed
418 knots (481 mph,774 km/h)
Stall Speed (Wheels & Flaps down)
96 knots (111 mph,178 km/h)
2874 nmi (3190 mi, 5295km)8 minutes 10 minutes
Service ceiling
45 000 ft (13700m)7000 ft 8000 ft
Rate of climb
4525 ft/min (6,7 m/s)
Take-off run
Landing Distance

Learjet 35 - History

FullsizeAviatix EDFAviatix Turbine
RoleBusiness JetYour own Business RC Jet Your own Business RC Jet
ManufacturerLearjetAviatix Model Aviatix Model
First Flight22-Aug-7322-Oct-17
StatusOperational AvailableComing Soon
Years Produced1973-19942017- Current
Number built738Will be building 738 Will be building 738

Gates Learjet 35 - Color options

Select your favourite color combination from the 5 shown here, but if you do not find it, we always have the custom option that will allow you to place a custom order, prepay and supply us with pictures of your personal choice and we will make your customized dream plane a reality.
Colour 1Colour 2Colour 3
Colour 4Colour 5

When you purchase the radio combo or RTF versions of our planes, you will be getting all the servos and radio gear already factory installed professionally! The added cost is comparable or often less than what you would pay purchasing those items seperately. We get a much better deal directly from the manufacturers of Servos for some of the main servo brands and well known brands like Align Helicopters. We also select the perfect servo and weight combination for the application saving you the school fees losing a plane because of a servo failure. On the major flight surfaces we use only Metal or Titanium gear digital coreless servos of and on other functions metal gear and sometimes analog servos for some functions requiring it.

Plug your Receiver in and match the channels as per this table, set the correct control throws, charge the batteries, and you are ready to fly!

Included is the Channel requirements and setup specifications. Note: DL500 in the Receiver channels needed are functions handled by the DL500 Gear Controller sequencer and no radio channels are needed for such operation. The DL500 comes with the correct Learjet software and profile already installed.


There will be a variety of accessories like 3axis gyro’s, windbags and airplane stands coming soon.


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